an imagePeople, so you found me on Twitter and followed me here, well here's goes, how we started.

Well for a couple of years back in 2004 our family of 6 (four girls and two boys) and there families have email back and forth, what they had for-sale, then I (the DAD) decided to have a small auction type website made-up so each other could see what we had in clothes and other stuff to sell each other at a cheap price. Well there families have been auctioning back and forth, what they had for-sale and they got into some pretty good bidding wars and it was fun. One day they all got together online and said Dad why don't you turn your website on to the public, like eBay, and others auction sites. So here we are passing the same cheap savings on to you FREE.

Today look no further between November 1, 2009 to the end of November 30, 2010 at uBid4it Canada. ALL Listing fees are FREE, so what ever you have FORSALE now is the time to sell it.

Take a picture with a digital camera save the picture to your computer. Take that image go to uBid4it.org and register and email will be sent to a valid email address then login, click Sell, select the first option and upload the pictures to uBid4it.org site and fill in the rest about your item and price and edit it if you don't like. It is that simple, you will be posted right away. Later you will receive an email with what it normally costs for advertising. We will make sure you are not charged a cent for advertising your auction items with us. So now is the time to give us a try, again this is a limited FREE offer. We are different than them all and we care.

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Now, did you know when an auction is posted at uBid4it Canada and your registered at our site as a seller, a "Tweet" notice will be sent to your sites Twitter page showing all that you are selling to all followers....

Buy or sell your product(s) 24/7 We've added Video Auctions, Reverse Auctions and more. Soon you'll catch us on your cell @ uBid4it.mobi We are a email away.

When an auction is posted at uBid4it Canada its posted at Oodle the fastest growing classifieds service. Pulling together and organizing millions of listings from all over the Web.

Registering is free, Bidding is free. No Listing Fees, No Final Sale Fee. And if it DON'T sell you DON'T pay. Remember follow us on twitter

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Jun 14, 2008
Auction Video increases your online auction sales: With the number of online auctions growing daily, how can you improve the success of your auctions? Auction Video is the answer. Now you can explain what the selling item is, why people will want it, demonstrate how it works, and show its authenticity. Auction Video greatly enhances your item listing and sales volume.

Aug 24, 2009
We have just add the Reverse Auction to our Auction site. Reverse auctions simply are auctions where the bidder is the seller not the buyer the role of the buyer and seller are reversed. The bid reflects how much the buyer is being asked to pay, not how much the good or service is being sold for. Many buyers new to reverse auctions have failed to read the proverbial fine print involved in the bids. Buyers need to be aware of this and also need to realize that treating with vendors with respect now can secure them a trustworthy supplier in the future. Web-based reverse auctions have become extremely popular for purchasing everything from accounting services to securing raw materials.

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