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Unless you have been living under a rock the last few years, you cannot have missed the meteoric rise of online auction sites across the Internet.

We have been around since eBay or shall I call it by its real name Echo Bay. We started back in 2000. Well Internet business and online auction sites have boomed across the Internet, but whilst you might be forgiven for thinking that eBay is the King of the online auction world, there are in fact several other online auction sites with just as much (and perhaps more) to offer than eBay—and one of these is called uBid4it Canada Inc.
Unlike Ebay, uBid4it Canada and uBid4it USA are purely a non profit website privately owned and designed to help ordinary people sell their unwanted belongings online. The site does not charge a fee to sell your goods.
Whether you have a single item to sell, or you run an online business selling lots of different items, uBid4it Canada and uBid4it USA can help you. These sites have something to offer everybody and it only takes a few minutes to post a free auction ad. And, unlike other online auction sites that are online to make money from you, uBid4it Canada and uBid4it USA allows you to cross promote what you are selling. You want to put it on eBay also go ahead they have a lot of sellers but buying is down so fees go up.
Well it might seem easy to use the big online auction site like eBay, but you will be charged a fees for selling and there are more expensive ay times than the item is, the fees keep going up and up. If something where to happen to eBay where would you go? Signup here now!

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Welcome and thank you for supporting uBid4it USA®, Free Online Auctions. We would like to thank all our Members for supporting our Online Auction site, thus providing the rapid growth that our site has been receiving. The Online Auction Community needs to take a stand, by supporting alternative auction sites such as ours. With the continued support of our auction Sellers and Buyers, we can make Buying and Selling in our Online Auctions fun and affordable once again. Our goal as one of the free Online Auction sites is not only to become an alternative but supply the service and experience. We are a highly regarded Online Auction Marketplace in todays Internet Community. Join uBid4it USA® today to start buying and saving, or selling in our free listing Online Auctions... You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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