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People are using our Internet Video Auction to sell lots of stuff these days. Video auction, sells better than anything else. And a potential customer is much more likely to feel comfortable about a purchase, if they have seen the product in full detail and described to them. Our goal is create an auction network that enables you the creator, to share and publish your auction videos to wide audiences around the world. Remember your video auction can be about your business or service, or about a specific product or used item. It is entirely up to you what items you sell. Everyone can now be a video auction producer you don't have to be a PRO. Sit down in front of a computer with a built-in video camera or webcam and record the commentary of your auction using the free software that comes with the computer. Then, using the same software, convert the movie into an accepted format: avi, mpeg, etc.

Then test it out on your friends, email them a sample, or upload it to. Together use them as a most likely prospect for ordering what your selling. Give them a chance to view the auction video tell them to stop every time they become confused tell them to write it down. Then go back and ask them to watch it again this time stop and write down when they feel bored or turned off. Tell them to write it all down what excites about the product and what they remembered about the auction video. Now with the results you'll begin to see what needs to be changed in your auction video to make it a winner. You may determine that you've fallen in love with an idea and discover a new business doing this or your a instant star and don't have to do this. What ever you choose to do, don't ignore the power of the internet video auction. I know if you stick to it, you'll learn how to make a fortune.

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