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About Us

About Us

uBid4it USA is owned since 2004 and operated by uBid4it Canada Inc since 2000 and is committed to providing professional, honest, innovative and top quality auction services to individuals, families, and companies all over the world, selling computer parts, jewelry, antiques. Our experience, strong business ethic, continuing education, and community involvement enables us to achieve our client's goals and provide a needed public service. We welcome you to register today and check us out at http://www.ubid4it.org/twitter/ this is our landing page. This is how we started.

ubid4it Canada's on auction
ubid4it Canada's on auction

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Welcome and thank you for supporting uBid4it USAŽ, Free Online Auctions. We would like to thank all our Members for supporting our Online Auction site, thus providing the rapid growth that our site has been receiving. The Online Auction Community needs to take a stand, by supporting alternative auction sites such as ours. With the continued support of our auction Sellers and Buyers, we can make Buying and Selling in our Online Auctions fun and affordable once again. Our goal as one of the free Online Auction sites is not only to become an alternative but supply the service and experience. We are a highly regarded Online Auction Marketplace in todays Internet Community. Join uBid4it USAŽ today to start buying and saving, or selling in our free listing Online Auctions... You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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